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Logo Design

LOGO DESIGN is part of our extraordinary service. We design brand new logos from scratch for as little as £150. If you have an old logo needing an injection of life and modernizing we can provide this too! Any logo files that need vectorising or re-drawing, give us a call and we can have these done and back with you within 5 – 7 hours.

SIGN DESIGN plays a large part in setting us apart from the others – it is ALL in the design, layout, colours, font and layout. Let us make your sign be the first sign of how extraordinary YOU are too!

All Of Your Graphic Needs

PRE-ORDER DESIGN WORK plays an important role in establishing if your logo or idea will actually work in situ.
Using clever technology and the unique craft of our in house designer Mr Lilyman you can see your vision before we make it – MAGIC!

CARTOON WORK is a great love of ours and even if your project is not for a sign, give us a call as we can sketch/draw and vectorise for stationary or marketing to bring motion and meaning to your message. Monochrome or colour. Bespoke drawings start for as little as £180.00.

GRAPHICS for walls, corridors, windows and partitions – the new way to bring spaces alive, market, Way Find or just simply to add some fun. Letters & Logos have access to over 3 million images, drawings, photos, imagery and with a good brief and measurements we can offer inspired ideas and original outstanding examples that will dazzle and amaze you!

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Logos & Letters have been working with business across the UK, providing them with their business signage. We strive to provide all of our customers with an outstanding service and process to get our clients the best quality signage for their business needs.
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