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Illuminated Logo Signs

Signage for your business is important as it acts as your brand’s identity, therefore incorporating your logo into an illuminated sign will enable your potential customers to be able to see the sign even at night! Illuminated signs are perfect, this is due to the fact that the iridescent glow attracts the viewer's attention.

It is proven that illuminated signs are more aesthetically pleasing to the eye than non-illuminated signs, this is because the glow adds an extra dimension to the sign. At Logos and letters, we can offer a variety of different types of illuminated signs. Types such as halo-lit signs are the perfect way to accentuate any building both inside and out as it adds definition to your brand name or the message which you are trying to promote. The backlit sign is very pleasing to the eye and leaves a 3D effect which makes the sign look like its jumping out at you, therefore, attracting different a variety of clients which would not normally take notice of a non-illuminated sign.

Why 3D Signage?

When you are working in an industry where your main focus is to attract the attention of customers, the best way of making the first initial connection between the business and clients is aesthetic. A smart sign with your company’s details on will attracts anybody who passes by - thus meaning that your chances of business increase! Not only do illuminated signs attract customers but it gives the illusion the building/ workplace is occupied, this means that chances of robbery of crime to the building are lowered!

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